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Intelligent Building Upgrade


Intelligent Building Upgrade Solution

With the development of smart cities, General intelligent elevator technology has achieved the value matching with the smart city construction.
In the field of vertical transportation, it provides efficient and scientific large passenger flow transportation and high-end user-specific transportation solutions to enhance the intelligent living environment and help smart city construction.

Intelligent Passenger Flow Solutions

Automatic Assignment

Assign elevators according to your destination floors to improve ride efficiency.

Clear Guidance

Provide clear guidance for you and reduce unnecessary stops midway.

Operation Upgrading

The operation panel is optimized and upgraded and is beautiful, fashionable and user-friendly.

Intelligent Residence Solutions

Automatic Call

When you enter your community, the system will automatically conduct scanning and judgment and then call an elevator for you so the elevator will arrive in advance and wait for you.

Efficient Management

when a visitor comes, the system will automatically report it to the owner. After the owner’s confirmation, the system calls an elevator for the visitor to go the destination floor directly.

Intelligent Recognition

There are facial recognition and?iris recognition. You can easily ride an elevator without an IC card.

Intelligent Monitoring Solutions

Overall Monitoring

Monitor all elevators and escalators and record real-time running status, loading conditions and traffic status.

Remote Management

Realize remote configuration and management and change running modes remotely.

Report Output

Analyze data of monitoring records and output a complete report. Record all kinds of information in detail.