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Escalator & Autowalk Modernization

General Escalator Updating And Transformation Solution

Compared to elevators, escalators are used in public sites including big markets, supermarkets, airports, and subways with numerous passengers. Physical deterioration and energy consumption are higher due to high use frequency. The escalators used for a long time need be updated and transformed to meet latest safety standards and reduce energy consumption as far as possible.
General Elevator provides plans including parts replacement and escalator replacement according to actual situation and user demand.

Escalator Replacement

General Elevator’s escalator replacement only needs several working days, leading to lowest influence on passengers. General Elevator’s replacement plan can update escalator of high energy consumption and safety loophole into energy-saving and safe escalator. The saved cost can offset the updating and transformation cost. This flexible design not only increases safety and reliability, but also makes building more beautiful and harmonious.

Module Updating And Transformation

Module transformation plan guarantees the escalator to meet latest standards by means of most advanced technology upon lowest construction influence. General Elevator’s module transformation plan can replace single parts or whole system upon demand. You can retain complete mechanical parts when improve device safety and appearance.

Component Upgrades

General elevators can also provide upgrades for individual components. Updating the elevator components, such as the control system and the door system to upgrade the components of the elevator, can bring the following benefits:

Control Module

Through scientific configuration, the original equipment is replaced by a new generation of intelligent vector elevator integrated control system, and the closed-loop vector control method makes the overall performance more stable, which can significantly improve safety and energy efficiency.

Appearance Module

General Elevator’s module updating plan can replace parts including guard bar, stair plate, comb plate, skirt-board, plate, cleaning and balance stair lighting system to deliver an escalator appearance more suitable for the building.

Security Module

General Elevator can update your equipment by different solutions including stair deflection-resistance monitoring system, auxiliary brake, and additional safety mark to meet national safety standards and prevent safety loophole of public sites.