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Elevator Modernization

General?elevator updating and transformation solution

After assessed the elevator,General Elevator can develop the most appropriate generic solution based on the actual needs and budget.
From individual component retrofits to system upgrades and even entire elevator replacements, in addition to ensuring that elevators meet the latest safety and convenience standards, retrofits can also improve elevator performance and extend equipment life.

Elevator Replacement

General Elevator can replace the whole elevator in the original well. After our efficient work, you can have a brand-new modern elevator in the shortest time with lowest influence on residences.

Module Updating And Transformation

The updated and transformed tractor, control cabinet, and electric system are more reliable, more energy-saving, safer, and more convenient. Module transformation plans of General Elevator can selectively retain valuable parts to reduce cost and construction time for lowest influence on residential life.

Component Upgrades

General elevators can also provide upgrades for individual components. Updating the elevator components, such as the control system and the door system to upgrade the components of the elevator, can bring the following benefits:

Efficient And Energy Saving

Updated electric system, control system, and lift lighting system can significantly reduce energy consumption. These updates also reduce operation cost for higher efficiency and better energy saving.

Better Performance

Updated elevator parts including control system and lift system can lead to better elevator reliability, floor accuracy, waiting time, and continence.

Higher Safety

It is a prior task for every elevator to guarantee passenger and maintenance personnel’s safety. Updated elevator parts including well, lift lighting, lift speed governor, and tractor shield greatly increase safety and manage risk.