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Commercial Escalator

Commercial Escalator
Offer pleasant comfortable ride experiences

As a model of escalators in commercial application, the commercial escalators of General match up with internal building structures and guarantee comfortable safe rides with smooth reliable performance.

Product Specification

ModelStep width


Carrying capacity






Hoisting height


Use environment

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Safe And Reliable

The safety design is comprehensive and meticulous, from comprehensive system safety solutions to complete mechanical and electrical safety devices to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for every passenger.

Excellent Quality

Due to high-quality reliable technologies for selecting and processing materials, the escalators and moving walks of General have outstanding performance and quality to safeguard your rides.

Beautiful Design

The appearance of the product meets the needs of all kinds of architectural styles, and it is ingeniously integrated with the environment. The ingenious design can even enhance the architectural style.

Efficient transport meets various needs

Pooling leading technical strength, the escalators and moving walks of General provide optimized solutions in various venues such as malls, office buildings, hotels, airports and subways, meet theneeds of passengers through safe, reliable, quiet,comfortable, smooth and accurate rides, and care for passengers.

Energy-saving models increase green profits

Multiple energy-saving models meet customer demands in an all-round way. All escalators and moving walks of General utilize LED lights which feature fast start time, low energy consumption and power saving and reduce energy consumption of the whole elevators.